Assembly summary

Sequenced cultivar Microtom
Genome size 817Mbp
BUSCO score 96.5%
Long Read Sequencing (PacBio)
Number of contigs 743
N50 3.4Mbp
+ Optical mapping (Bionano)
Number of scaffolds 447
N50 34.2Mbp
+ Linked reads (Chromium 10x)
Number of scaffolds 392
N50 44.4Mbp

Annotation summary

Total number of genes 39 110
Number of protein coding genes 36 002
Number of non protein coding genes 3 108
Percent genes with five UTR 70%
Percent genes with three UTR 71%
BUSCO score 96.1%


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The tomato genome assembly and annotation was performed by the bioinformatics team of @GBF.
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